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A Guide on Finding the Right Aged Care Services


As age catches up on an individual, one may find himself needing help with his usual activities. Sometimes, the family of the aged is not able to provide the support he needs. This is where the best nursing homes in Sydney come in.

With a growing aged population, finding a nursing home in Sydney becomes a breeze. But, how do you find the best nursing homes in Sydney for your aged loved one? Nursing homes offer different kinds of services, depending on the need of the individual.

The Services             

  • Home Care: This type of service is for aged individuals who are still able to manage themselves but require some kind of assistance with their daily tasks. Some of the best nursing homes in Sydney offer this service so you just have to do a research.
  • After-hospital or transition care: If you have just came from the hospital but just needs assistance while recovering, transition care can be provided in your home. The duration of care will vary from one provider to another.
  • Respite Care: Some nursing homes provide this type of care when the caregiver has other duties to perform or when they are on a holiday.
  • Residential Care: In this type of care, the aged lives in a full service facility and provided with continuous care and support. If you prefer this option, it would be best to research about the residences as well as the terms and conditions of living in the facility.
  • Short-term Restorative Care: The aim of this type of aged care is to boost wellbeing and independence and delay the need to seek long-term care. As usual, you need to do some research when considering this option.

The Costs

The fees for various services will vary depending on the level of care and duration needed. For home or residential care, the cost of the package will be determined by the Department of Human Services or Department of Veterans Affairs.

Some facilities may require one-off payment as well as fees for ongoing care, accommodation, and living expenses. Self-funded retirees may be able to seek an income assessment before availing of home care services or entering residential care to avoid payment of the maximum fees and charges.

Aged care in Sydney becomes a necessity as the number of senior citizens in the country continues to grow. It is important to do your research first to understand the process before considering them.

If a loved one comes to age and no one can manage to attend his needs at home, an elderly facility could be an option. Check out


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