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Causes, Treatment & Protection against Hepatitis C

What’s Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is really a viral infection brought on by hepatitis C virus. Herpes affects you by inflaming the liver which could become serious.

There might be many reasons for hepatitis C. It may be brought on by some kind of toxins, high dose medicines, or perhaps an infection transmitted from someone, or autoimmune process. It’s a contagious virus and could be generally transmitted by fluids like bloodstream or secretions.


There’s two kinds of hepatitis C virus known. If it’s been there for a short while, then it’s known as as acute hepatitis however, if the length continues to be lengthy, then it’s known as as chronic hepatitis.

So that as per WHO, roughly 12 million Indians are have contracted hepatitis. Because of extremely high figures, you should manage to find out its cause so when it happens to an individual.

Signs and symptoms & Diagnosis

It’s observed that almost 80% of patients with hepatitis haven’t seen any signs and symptoms for several weeks. Hence it’s not easy to identify this specific virus. Sometimes, it may even take years prior to it being diagnosed.


A few of the initial signs and symptoms experienced when contacted with this particular virus could be fever, tiredness, and insufficient appetite. The individual may afterwards experience vomiting, nausea, stomach discomfort, joint discomfort, yellowness of skin or eyes, abnormal functioning of urine or bowel.

The first you will get to understand these signs and symptoms is between 2-6weeks. The very best means by such cases would be to perform a bloodstream make sure if needed, will also get a biopsy from the liver done. This will confirm for those who have this specific virus or otherwise.


There are lots of medicines which may be prescribed for hepatitis C. A physician focusing on the liver would be the best person that will help you within this situation. He can let you know which medication is going to be perfect for the signs and symptoms felt by you.

Within the recent occasions, there’s been lots of research done on HCV (Hepatitis C Virus). New drugs continue to come directly into better the sooner ones. Treating HCV has improved many folds now. Earlier there was once injection in addition to dental drugs obtain however only tablets perform the work. Which drugs are not only seen more efficient but additionally safer.

Names of a few of the generally used direct-acting drugs for HCV are Ledipasvir, Simeprevir, Paritaprevir, Ritonavir, Ombitasvir, Sofosbuvir, Daclatasvir, and Dasabuvir.

In November 2015, it had been announced through the Indian government that the more generic form of c like Daclatasvir and also the mixture of Sofosbuvir with Ledipasvir will be introduced in. This is which makes it less expensive to deal with Hepatitis C virus in India along with a big relief towards the patients struggling with herpes.


The easiest method to prevent hepatitis C would be to practice c sex and be sure to make use of disposable needles for just about any bloodstream test or transfusion. Should you perform a tattoo or piercing, then do must make certain the person handling these needles uses sterile needles.

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