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Choosing the best masticating juicer on the market

In their strivings to purchase a juicer that would meet some most essential needs like suitable juice quality and ease in use, people tend to dig through heaps of online stores. However, the more one gets to know about the range of products on the market, the more he/she is subjected to confusion as to which model to choose. The customer reviews help at times in a situation like that yet, numerous comments covering the whole variety of products often have a tendency to upset one’s plans. Thus, in order to ease the strains of every potential device owner we just name the model that refers to the top segment of the juice extractors. Its name is Omega NC900HDC and it belongs to the triturating type of juicers.

Specific features of the product

To begin with, NC900HDC comes with a smaller motor compared to J series and works at a low rotation speed of 80 RPM. Nevertheless, this fact only benefits to the final quality of produce as lower speed allows for more accurate squeezing of the used ingredients and better juice yield. One may just check the resulting pulp and see it personally. No matter how hard you press, you won’t get even the slightest drop out of it; since all the nutrients have already been thoroughly extracted.Here one may find lots of peculiar facts about the model and its advantages over a reviewed opponent. Take a look to know the test results.

It needs to be said the product was primarily designed to avoid heat and oxidation, same as grant owners with the simply unsurpassed quality of beverages. In addition, a slow speed provides a comparatively low level of noise and significantly reduces vibration. Assuming, the latter feature will be much appreciated by your family members whenever some of you express a strong desire to sleep for a bit longer.

Benefits of owning the device

From what was said above one can get a clear picture of the product’s working principles and its major advantages over the older model types. But as to benefits of using the machine, those do not end here. Outside the quiet work and high-level efficiency, there are other aspects worth mentioning. One of those is the appliance’s versatility, allowing it to be used for a number of operations like nut crushing, baby food preparation and dealing with harder sorts of fruits and vegetables. The ‘chewing’ blades can easily process harder ingredients and release juice in a very slow manner, pushing out every last drop of it.

Also, one should admit the device is totally user-friendly. With regards to the fact it comes with a larger chute, there’s no need to chop the fruits into small pieces any longer. You can just split them into two pieces and throw inside the machine; the rest will be done by the blades. Besides, the smart design features allow the device to be easily cleaned and stored thus, making it even more attractive kitchen gadget to opt for.

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