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Fight Off Obesity with 10 Herbs & Spices

 The World Health Organization (WHO) defines obesity as the excessive accumulation of body fat, which affects our health negatively. WHO states that since 1975 till date global obesity has increased threefold. As of 2016, 1.9 billion adults of 18 years and above are overweight, out of which 650 million were considered to be obese. The numbers are also not very promising when it came to children. The International health agency reported that all over the world, 41 million children who were under 5 years of age were either obese or overweight.

Obesity, unlike many other bodily ailments, is a health condition that can be countered and prevented successfully. If one maintains a healthy lifestyle and strict diet, obesity can be avoided. While there are many medical supplements present in the market to lose weight quickly, the best way to tackle obesity is by adopting natural remedies. There are a number of spices and herbs, which can help an obese person lose the extra weight gradually over time. Addition of these beneficial herbs and spices to one’s diet not only enhances the flavor of the food but also brings forth a number of health benefits, as they contain essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and other medicative properties.

Discussed below are 10 essential herbs and spices, which can help fight obesity.

  1. Red Panax Ginseng:

Korean Red Ginseng or Red Panax Ginseng or Asian Ginseng is globally popular for being a herbal remedy for weight loss. The plant is an adaptogenic herb which also contains anti-oxidant properties. The key element of Panax ginseng is saponins, commonly known as ginsenosides. While the whole plant body of Korean Red Ginseng is used for medicinal purposes, the fleshy root of the herb is mostly utilized for producing natural health supplements. Red Panax Ginseng is produced by steaming the roots of natural dry ginseng.

Red Panax Ginseng is considered to be an important anti-obesity herb due to its ability to stimulate body metabolism and provide us with a boost of energy. A number of studies conducted on ginseng’s anti-obesity properties came up with promising results. Researchers of a 2012 clinical trail stated that they recorded significant body weight reduction in obese women who consumed Red Panax ginseng compared to the participants in the placebo-controlled group. Thus, regular and controlled intake of ginseng-rich food supplements, such as Red Ginseng Tea or Ginseng tonic, can help an obese individual lose weight with minimum to zero side effects. As the Ginseng tonic comes with a naturally bitter taste, one can mask it by mixing it with healthy and delicious smoothies and shakes.

  1. Black Pepper:

Black Pepper is a common spice which is found in abundance all over the world. It consists of a substance called piperine that prevents the formation of new fat cells. Apart from piperine, black pepper also contains minerals, dietary fibers, and nutritive fats. A person can either consume the spice directly in crushed powder form or can drink black pepper tea or use black pepper oil to counter obesity.

  1. Ginger:

Ginger is another warming herb, which is known to have anti-inflammatory health benefits. The herb also extends a soothing effect to our intestines. The thermogenic characteristics of ginger help boost metabolism and also suppress hunger in an individual. It additionally lowers blockages during digestion and thus helps the digestive system function more smoothly. Ginger also helps the body get rid of toxins and is effective in countering nausea and stomach ache.

  1. Cayenne Pepper:

As Black Pepper contains piperine, Cayenne pepper, a thermogenic spice, consists a substance called capsaicin. It fights obesity by lowering calorie consumption and blood fat levels, and by reducing fat tissue. Cayenne pepper also counters fat storage in our body by boosting internal protein changes. The spice is varyingly used in dishes to lend heat and spice to the flavor palate as it blends in beautifully during the cooking process.

  1. Dandelion:

Dandelion is more of a flower than a herb. However, this plant comes with excellent anti-obesity properties and a number of other health benefits. Unlike other herbs, all parts of this flower come with nutritive benefits and can be consumed as a food item. Dandelion slows down the digestion process and thus delays hunger, enabling us to maintain a desirable weight. It contains dietary fibers and antioxidant properties, which help in counter obesity effectively. Moreover, Dandelions are also packed in vitamin K1, beta-carotene, minerals, and vitamins, which maintain the cholesterol and blood sugar at a normal level.

  1. Turmeric:

Turmeric is one of the main ingredients of curry based dishes. This unique yellow-colored spice contains many vital nutrients, which help in controlling obesity. It consists of an active ingredient called Curcumin, which is credited for lowering the amount of fat tissue formation in our body.  Apart from fighting obesity, turmeric also helps in the prevention and treatment of obesity-related diseases.

  1. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon has always been used as an exotic, flavor enhancing spice. However, this holiday season flavorer also boosts metabolism apart from exhibiting blood sugar and insulin control tendencies. Acting as a metabolism stimulant, cinnamon provides our body with additional energy which improves physical performance and thus helps us maintain a healthy body weight.

  1. Mustard Seed:

Mustard seeds, if added to a dish lends a strong flavor to the delicacy. However, the spice is also known to effectively increase metabolism by 25 percent in our body. Apart from that, the mustard seed also contains lower amount of carbohydrate and calorie and thus can be used as an alternative to other fattening condiments and sauces. For instance, one tablespoon serving of ranch dressing contains 75 calories against mustard’s 32 calories.

  1. Hibiscus:

Hibiscus is a flowering plant with brightly colored flowers. This visually attractive herb is abundantly filled with flavonoids, nutrients, and a wide variety of minerals, which assists the body in absorbing carbohydrates and fats, thus managing weight effectively. Hibiscus’ diuretic nature also leads to weight loss by removing water weight in the form of urine.

  1. Fenugreek:

Unlike turmeric and black pepper, fenugreek is not a very common spice. Nonetheless, this seed is extremely beneficial for weight loss due to a substance called galactomannan, a dietary fiber which is soluble in nature. This key element in the fenugreek seed lowers our bodies’ glycemic response, lessening the amount of current weight gain. Apart from this, the seeds also act as a metabolism stimulant leading to the loss of accumulated body fat.


All the herbs and spices discussed here come with amazing anti-obesity properties apart from its many other health benefits. A balanced diet containing Korean Red Ginseng, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, and the other listed natural remedies can effectively fight weight loss with minimal to no side effects.





























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