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Get Best Circumference Reduction by Venus Treatments at Sono Bello

Are you thinking that how can a completely non-invasive procedure help in circumference reduction?  Yes, it is very much possible.  The completely non-invasive procedure can help in reducing cellulite, and troublesome fat deposits with quantifiable losses of inches.

Venus Legacy / Freeze is outstanding for contouring your curves with negligible to no discomfort. With no anesthesia and no time off from your daily activities; this is a perfect solution for almost all individuals. Sono Bello offers this unique treatment allowing the clients to walk in for the treatment, then walk out and restart with the regular daily schedule.

If you want to undergo this procedure at Sono Bello, you should check Sono Bello Reviews first as that will give you an idea about how exactly the clinic works.

This non-invasive treatment combines Magnetic Pulses and Radio Frequency (RF). Both these techniques have been used for several years in medicine and are verified, harmless technologies. This exclusive combination has the capability to enter the deep tissues comfortably and safely in order to achieve best results. There are no side effects, adverse reactions or any health complications associated with this treatment. Maximum patients define the treatment as a warm stone massage. The treatments help in circumference reduction and skin tightening, improve cellulite and reduce the look of lines effectively. Sono Bello promises to provide you with a pleasant, safe, painless experience in treatments for the face and body parts.

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Study suggests that most patients see a result in as less as three treatments but, the physicians at Sono Bello advice a full series of eight to ten treatments for the body and six treatments for the face. As per the physicians you can expect the best results until all treatments are completed. Patients continue to see an improvement in their skin and treated area up to three months after the series of treatments are completed. The physicians review your aesthetic goals and medical history before confirming that this treatment is right for you.

Circumferential reduction is the decrease in size of the treatment area. This may include the following:

Reducing the breadth of your thighs

Tightening the “chicken wing” area of the upper arms

Getting rid of inches from your waistline

Creating a slimmer, tighter buttocks

As per the physicians at Sono Bello, a perfect circumference reduction treatment will have an effect on numerous levels such as reducing cellulite, improving skin tone, and increasing dermal blood flow, to create a visible reduction in measurements.

How the Venus Treatment Works for circumference reduction?

The Radio Frequency element increases elastin and collagen production by means of a measured thermal damage appliance, and activates enzyme mediated lipolysis. The Magnetic Pulse element increases the discharge of growth factors essential for formation of new blood vessels and generation of fibroblasts. All these result in a notable circumference reduction.

By reading the Sono Bello Reviews, you can find out how much satisfied the clients are who have already gone through this procedure.

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