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Learn About The Latest Fitness Programs And How They Can Improve Your Physique

Everyone looks at Olympians, pro athletes, and fitness models with the same envious disdain, because they’ve reached the goal YOU wanted to, and they’re enjoying the benefits YOU deserve. Seemingly immortal, they’re never plagued with sidelining injuries or cripplingly low self-esteem. The worst part about their seemingly effortless success is how easy they make it look: flexing, gliding, lifting, and bounding to heights that “regular people” can only dream of, they smile at you through magazine pages and TV screens, as if to taunt you. And they do it all without breaking a sweat.

What if your days of wondering how they do it were over? What if the struggling gym goers could discover the secret to rapid results, and have fun doing it? There was a time when if you wanted to get fit, you were told you had to do two separate things: strength and cardio, but the fitness world has evolved drastically in the past few decades. In times past there was little middle ground, and if you weren’t pumping iron, you were on a treadmill or a bike. Little guidance was available, and it was never fun, just another chore. If you take the time to do some research and learn about the latest fitness programs, you’ll find that through movement based exercise you can accelerate your results and finally achieve those coveted fitness levels you had assumed were impossible.

Combining cardiovascular exercise with strength building movements is the latest and most efficient way to improve your fitness levels. By simultaneously burning fat and promoting muscle growth, you will attain the physique you want quicker than you ever imagined. Six men engaging in movement based exercise were studied by the University of Wisconsin’s Exercise and Health program, and the results revealed that by performing a boot-camp style workout, they were able to burn ten calories per minute while building muscle.

On top of that, you will ward off injuries: The National Center for Biotechnology Information claims that exercise engaging the core, like the kind offered in many boot camp and other class-oriented gyms today, is common to many injury prevention programs. Movement based exercise is your secret to success, because it will make you stronger and less injury-prone. Having a weak core can easily lead to back injuries which can prevent you from visiting the gym, leading to reduced overall well-being and a backslide into physical weakness. Movement based core exercise takes a holistic approach to ensure that the body is limber and strong as a cohesive structure.

Gyms today provide an amazing variety of fitness programs, no matter your preference or level. Many also allow you to pay as you visit rather than be tied down by a long and strict contract agreement, preventing you from wasting your money on services you’re not using. In addition, expert guidance and encouragement is offered by highly qualified and motivational instructors who have YOUR best interests in mind. After experiencing the fun, challenging environment provided by your instructors and new friends, you’ll wonder why you didn’t take advantage of these opportunities sooner.

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