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What Strains of Cannabis Can Combat Anxiety?

We all know that the link between cannabis and anxiety often comes with a lot of controversy and complication. But, researchers have started to prove a link between cannabis and reduced anxiety. There is plenty anecdotal evidence to suggest that when an anxiety sufferer regularly uses cannabis, it can reduce symptoms of worry, stress and generalized panic. It is important to note that if you use certain strains, it can often exacerbate these feelings of stress and worry. Therefore, selecting the right strain is crucial. Central to your decision about what strain to choose should be the THC concentration of the strain. We’d recommend that you select a strain that has a low concentration of THC, but a high concentration of CBD.But, if you have built up some resistance to THC, strains high in THC may work.


For anxiety sufferers that are looking for a lower concentration THC strain, Cannatonic should be on your list of potential strains to try. This strain is quite high in CBD. There is usually a 50-50 ratio of THC to CBD in Cannatonic. This concentration ensures that the anxious effects of THC are counteracted by the CBD to neutralize the effect and reduce overall anxiety that you feel. Many find Cannatonic to be quite relaxing, which is in part due to the presence of Terpene Myrcene, which can help you relax.

Strawberry Cough

For sufferers of Social anxiety, it is important to choose a strain that both keeps you alert and active, yet relaxes your anxiety. Although Strawberry Cough is a sativa, we feel that it adequately and successfully walks the fine line between giving you plenty of energy, yet making you calm and anxiety free at the same time. Anecdotal evidence suggests that social anxiety sufferers can communicate easily and freely while not feeling paranoid.


For sufferers of social anxiety that have a particularly bad case of the condition, we’d recommend ACDC as a good strain to try. This is a strain that is high in CBD with a limited concentration of THC. In fact, it is thought that there is a twenty times greater concentration of CBD compared to THC in this strain.This means you can guarantee that any psychoactive effects on your body when you use ACDC will be minimal or unnoticeable. This means that users feel anxiety free and relaxed, but remain focussed and sharp.

For advice on what strain to choose, we’d recommend that you consult your local dispensary. To find your nearest location, check out the dispensaries near me tool on

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